C-Liquid: Research Chemicals Review

People who provide Research chemicals for sale are professionals and enthusiasts that are already familiar with the C-liquid, a novelty among those who like recreational drugs. Originally, this substance was designed as another item for the research chemical sack, but many people are using it so induce several psychotropic effects on themselves.

This kind of research chemicals is formally known as 5F-CUMYL-PINACA or SGT-25. In a more technical note, we can say that it is a synthetic cannabinoid composed by an N-cumyl-1-(5-fluropentyl) indazole-3-carboximide chemical structure. Its nature of cannabinoid agonist makes it a proper recreational drug, but authorities haven’t spoken about its possible health consequences and legal status.

Some suppliers in the UK are selling this research chemical as a substitution of weed or marijuana. The C-liquid can be vaped and inhaled without leaving any particular smell. This is, in fact, the most important advantage mentioned by the users on the internet.

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